goldfinch on purple coneflower against green background
Curing the Gardening Phobia

Get Dirty. Make Happiness.

Suppose it’s early in the morning. You sit at your breakfast table and hear birds chirping. With only a slight turn of your head you see a pair of small yellow, white, and black birds perched on the flowers. Their tiny, quick, head-fluttering matches their light, twittering chirps. Relax.

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small royal blue bird, with white breast on moss-covered wood
What's the Buzz?

What Will the Apocalypse Sound Like?

It’s already here. We now know what it sounds like. It’s not a deafening boom of an atomic bomb…not a screech of iron and steel twisting…not a chest-rumbling thud of trees falling…not a frightening pop-pop-pop of gunfire.

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yellow and black striped bee on red flower, in bunch of pink and red flowers
What's the Buzz?

A Rapid Recap of the Garden Bee Problem

Have you been wondering whether we’ve made any progress helping our poor, sick bees? Is there still something to worry about?

rectangle street sign with red banner across top; white reverse-out type reads CAUTION. Black text on white background reads Honey Bees on the Premises Bee-Ware. Illustration of large bee.

I’ve done a little digging for you and can report that—as with most things in life—there’s good news and bad news. The good news overall is that hundreds of people are working hard on the problem: scientists, farmers, beekeepers, citizen scientists, corporate research & development partners, backyard gardeners, schools…all working together. They all have something to report on their piece of the work…

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