brown female cardinal with red beak and red crest on white background
Curing the Gardening Phobia

1 Day Left

Leave your laptops at home tomorrow. Get ready for a mindful weekend.

The Great Backyard Bird Count starts February 15! Your checklist to get ready is very short.

  1. Set up a GBBC/eBird account. Takes 5 minutes. Go to You’ll need this to submit your list.
  2. If this isn’t your first rodeo…retrieve your login creds for your account.
  3. Print out a list of birds in your area to watch for. Takes 5 minutes.
  4. Cuddle up with your significant other tonight to pick a birding app–to help you identify the birds you see. List is down the right side of the home page. Takes 10 minutes.

Yes…binoculars are handy. If you don’t have a gift yet for that other special day…there’s time on your lunch hour to go out and buy a pair. They’re very romantic because they have 2 eyes–for the 2 of you! See?

Or buy a matched set.

And if you get cold during your 15 minutes of watching…it’s a great excuse to run inside and cuddle up! Or…yes…you can watch your birdfeeder from inside…

picture of app containing a woodpecker flying on white background

Picking bird apps is a great cuddly activity for tonight. As they say at the Cornell Lab…”Have an ‘appy’ bird day!”

We're in this together! Let us know what you think!