serviceberry, full foliage, as it turns from green to brilliant scarlet, still green along the bottom, leaves turning from the top down
Curing the Gardening Phobia

Leaf Bits and Giggles

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So you’re embracing Goth gardening. How will you get started? Black gardening gloves? A black baseball cap? Dress your way…gardening is not just for old ladies. Your yard…your rules…

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three tiny brown mushrooms, growing out of moss on an inclined surface
Curing the Gardening Phobia

How to Be a Goth Gardener

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Familiar with the friendly Goth host on that British baking show? He’s so funny that I looked up the meaning of “Goth” in the Urban dictionary. It refers to a culture that embraces all life cycles, including the dark cycles of decay and death.

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brown hand woven basket filled with yellow flowers
Curing the Gardening Phobia

How to Be a Garden Boss

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So you’re now a homeowner, and most of the inside is settled and you’re thinking about the yard. Or trying to avoid thinking about it…but there it is…under your feet…every day as you walk out to the car.

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