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Making Goth Lasagna: Reverse Climate Change from Your Own Backyard

I usually save lasagna for special occasions. It’s kinda time-consuming to make…and then I have to watch everyone gobble it down in 10 minutes.

But this Goth Lasagna recipe is way more satisfying.

The Beginning Gardener’s Recipe

It’s much easier to make ‘cuz the appearance doesn’t matter. So you can slop it together quickly. The satisfaction rate is way higher, too. For a miniscule time investment, you’ll get decades of pride.

No joke.

You won’t have to stay home while it’s cooking. You can catch a movie. You don’t have to use oven mitts to handle it. Bare hands work just fine.

For the Love of Decay

Of course! …I’m talking about a compost pile. Maybe your great-grandparents had one on the farm? It’s not out of date. They’re still fashionable. In fact, they’re “next-in-fashion.” Plenty of people are talking about it.

You can carry the tradition forward, since there’s no big learning curve. In fact, you’ll be glad to know that in the Garden Boss Basics playlist, you’ve learned how to do each part separately. So, you’re ready for this final step!

The Super-Easy Way

Here are your super-easy, beginning gardener instructions:

  1. Gather some dead, brown garden materials. You’ve already done this:
  2. Gather some green garden materials. You’ve already done this :
  3. Gather some soil. You’ve already done this. Told you it was easy!
  4. Get a compost starter from your garden center. This is just a bag of food for soil microbes to get the cooking started.
  5. Mix it together in layers, piling up to get it preferably 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.

Now let it cook up the carbon. When it’s ready, you’ll spread it around your garden, lawn, or sprinkle it on the grass to sequester carbon for decades—as described in the book Cooler, Smarter (published by the Union of Concerned Scientists).

To read more about the composting trend, read here:"" 2019="" 05="" 06="" composting-in-belmont-breaking-it-down=""

All done…so you can now go to a movie! Or…I’ve got one for you here. Take a look to see how easy it is.

For some more science, read here:

Tell us about your compost pile here.

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2 thoughts on “Making Goth Lasagna: Reverse Climate Change from Your Own Backyard”

  1. Well, I was intrigued because I love lasagna ha ha ha. It was a good video and glad you sped it up! One day when I am retired I will do some composting.

    1. Yeah, it’s fun to watch it all turn into rich, black garden food. But you can also just leave some grass clippings on the lawn once or twice per season, and it helps sequester carbon. Thanks for reaching out!

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