Tall, brown dead yew bush; male cardinal sits in bare spot in middle of bush
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Do You Call Them LBT’s?

So the minimalists are telling us to fill our lives not with things, but with experiences. The mindfulness experts are guiding us to be fully present in each moment. Psychologists are warning us to put the devices down and do some face-to-face. Doctors are writing nature prescriptions.

With party season over, are you getting in your quota of fully present, face-to-face experiences? 

Well, a small but mighty event is coming up that you still have a chance to participate in. It is guaranteed to be rewarding…dropping you right into rich, face-to-face moments with family and friends.

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snow on juniper
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1 New Habit for 2019

So, here we are falling back into our winter work routines after some holiday time. Deep winter is on its way, and you are schlepping every day to work in your puffy coat. Even the South has had some unpleasant, unseasonal winter weather surprises.  Florida has faced an ugly red tide on the Atlantic side, with another one coming on the Gulf side. California dreamin’ has turned into wildfire and mudslide nightmares.

All your gardening plans that didn’t quite get fulfilled are now behind you. You might be even a little relieved that winter is here, and you’re off the hook. 

Latest Climate Change Report

But did you squirm just a little when the latest scientific report on climate change came out? Feeling a little guilty at your gardening relief? 

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