yellow-eyed great horned owl
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See How You Can Find Peace

Deep in the darkness of one summer night, we woke up to a great horned owl hooting in our backyard. We lay silently for quite a while listening to the soft voice echo across the darkness.

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Bumblebee with wings spread, hovering over a violet false indigo in full bloom
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Find Pollinator Plants and Get Giddy

I totally sympathize with that yoga instructor who got lost in Hawaii. A couple of weeks ago, I was hiking in the Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. We were on a path…The diamond markers were everywhere…yellow instead of white, as shown on the trail head.

But that shouldn’t matter, right?

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Tall, brown dead yew bush; male cardinal sits in bare spot in middle of bush
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Do You Call Them LBT’s?

So the minimalists are telling us to fill our lives not with things, but with experiences. The mindfulness experts are guiding us to be fully present in each moment. Psychologists are warning us to put the devices down and do some face-to-face. Doctors are writing nature prescriptions.

With party season over, are you getting in your quota of fully present, face-to-face experiences? 

Well, a small but mighty event is coming up that you still have a chance to participate in. It is guaranteed to be rewarding…dropping you right into rich, face-to-face moments with family and friends.

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