Thank you for reading my blog. For those of you who were following me on Facebook, please accept my apology for disappearing on you. One day, in the dark secret cyberworld, a crazy bot reported that I was impersonating myself. Despite being a good girl and following Facebook’s “rules” for fixing the problem, I received no reply and was unceremoniously kicked off. I have since discovered that this new “club” I’m in is quite a big one. I have lots of company.

But…I do respond to messages. And…now that I am firmly seated in my own territory, I want to let “Fran” know that I did the research she requested and posted on her question. (Not sure I’m remembering her name correctly, and I can’t get back on Facebook to check.) The response is here on this site. See “Is Swiss Agrochem Giant Like the Devil?”

To my new friends: I absolutely do take requests, and will happily research anything you like. Please let me know what your questions are–either under the category of beginning gardening, or environmental awareness and activism progress.

You may also use this space to send any general comment that you like. Would love to hear from you. Warm regards to one and all!